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title: Misconceptions [prologue + snippet of chapter 1/???]
author: roni-chan [
pairing[s]: KoDa with slight JinDa, TaNaka and mentions of Akame
genre: hmmm....  agnst for the first couple of chapter but then becomes fluff
rating: PG-13 - R [maybe further...if i want]
summary: Tanaka Koki and Ueda Tatsuya love each but think the other is with someone else. What happens when their friends intervene in their "relationship" ?
author's note: one of two fics requested by
blueberryxxjam. this story is based on my life and some feelings i had towards someone, but the story's end didn't work out the same way....moving on, this is my first multi chapter fic since Love Complexity. on the note about Love Complexity, i will be re writing it and will post it after i finish posting this story. i am also gonna be working on blueberry's RyoDa fic [ its going to be called Golden, which is a Fall Out Boy song off the Infinity on High album].  finally, as usual this fic is unbeta'd. if you want to become my beta then fill out the beta for on my wordpress [click this wonderful link].

Misconceptions: Prologue
  Tanaka Koki, the bad ass rapper of KAT-TUN, had never been in love before. When he finally feel in love, he began to shut out his emotions to hide away from the doki doki [a/n: couldn't help it] feeling of his heart. As much as he tried to run away from his love, he couldn't, nor could he face it, thinking his feelings were halfheartedly felt. As time progressed and he spent more time with this person, he began to fall even more in love....if that was even possible. Well...that is until he saw the boyfriend. Seeing his loved one with someone else, smiling at that, he began to feel smaller than ever as his heart shattered into millions of tiny pieces. Late at night after KAT-TUN practices for their Cartoon KAT-TUN concert, he sits silently on his bed and begins to cry as he thinks to himself Ueda, I love you so much...demo, you have Jin. For however long, Koki continues to weep sorrowfully until his falls into an unpleasant slumber.

    Ueda Tatsuya, the mysteriously quiet member of KAT-TUN, has fallen in love once before but was defeated by Kame for the affection of his loved one. Feeling a hole in his heart, he continued to sleep around with almost every single guy in the Jimusho before finally giving up and becoming colder than normal. Soon though everything changed, when he fell in love again. He fell in love with someone who was so nice and generous on the inside but bad ass on the outside. More and more time being spent with this person caused his heart to explode with the love he felt. least until he say the boyfriend. Watching the other half of his soul laugh and giggle with someone else made him become depressed and colder than ever.  Late at night after KAT-TUN practices for their Cartoon KAT-TUN concert, he silently lays in bed staring at the ceiling and smiling sadly, he thinks bitterly Koki, I love you so much...demo, you have Nakamaru. After however long it is, Ueda falls into a deep and dreamless slumber.

author's note: another fic arrives. arigato gozimasu minna....i deeply thank you for sticking with me and telling me to conitnue. this fic is definitely because of eve [
akameluver716], aiko-chan [reinai], blueberryxxjam, and everyone else who took time to comment and read my stories. i love you all....

p.s. below is a part of chapter one.

Misconceptions: Chapter One- Confessions Pt.1

 The next day arrives just as slowly as normal and before he know it, Koki is getting ready to go out with Maru. He stands in the corner of his shower, numb to the world, he cries. Finally stepping out of the shower he puts on his clothes before looking in the mirror and carefully analyzes himself. Looking closer at himself he notices his eyes are red rimmed from crying so hard. He reaches out to touch his reflection, not quite believing its him and stares before a distinct ringer brings him out of his analyzation. Without looking, Koki can already tell who it is...
"Moshi Mosh...Maru-kun? What's up?" Koki asks as if nothing is wrong.
"Yo! Koki-kun~~~I'm outside" Maru replies in his normal happy way.
"Hai...Hai Hai. [a/n: bonus points and fic request for whoever guesses what JDrama thissentence is from] "I'll be out in a minute" Koki replies before hanging up and grabbing his keys, sunglasses, wallet. Checking to see if he has everything, Koki puts on his sunglasses and his fake smile and walks down the steps.

There ya go I hope you enjoy this new fic!!!! below for Tainted Memories.

Title: Tainted Memories
Author: roni-chan
Pairing[s]: Akame , slight Pin
Genre: PG [suicide, death, tragedy]
: Ehhh….I don’t do well with summaries so I’ll let you read it yourself.
Author’s Note: I got this idea while watching Tokkyu Tanaka 3 Go, jumping up and down to random music (including KAT-TUN).

*WARNING*: This fic has nothing to do with either of those things I just named. Also this fic is sorta based on something someone else wrote. I forgot who wrote it because I read it so long ago. Anyway…this is my first fic so tell me what you think about it. Oh yea…I don’t write in paragraphs…so sorry if it seems jumbled. This fic is unbeta'd, is my first fic, and contains character death.

This is goodbye, Jin …
Jin I can’t live with the fact that I caused you so much pain. The abuse that used to be inflicted upon myself soon turned to you. When you left for America…I knew it was because of me but you simply told me “It’s not your fault I left” or “You shouldn’t feel guilty.” But even with those words  I couldn’t forgive myself even if you forgave me. When you returned a part of me felt relieved but the other part  knew that  you and I will never be in that healthy relationship we always wanted…so I began to push you away and finally you found a better life and a better love that didn’t involve me. When I saw you smile again for the first time I knew I had done the right thing by leaving you in Pi’s care. I know how you felt those times  I hurt because my heart feels the same way. As I take my final steps I take time to remember you face, your eyes, your lips, and every aspect of you that made me love you dearly. Jin, even though my final moment wasn’t great, I’ll cherish it forever knowing it was spent with you.  As I reach my last step…I remember my letter to you and  I repeat it out loud.
This is goodbye Jin, forget the memories we made together because they only bring forth the tainted memories we shared and I want you to be happy. So forget me and live a peaceful life…I’ll always be watching.

Tags: misconceptions: prolouge/snippet of chap, multichapter, tainted memories
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Thank you ^o^
I like how Koki tries to hide his red eyes in the end of the chapter-1 part ^^
i'm soo glad you like it...
i'm rewriting chapter one
because it doesn't sound good the way it was written before...
i feel soo bad for writing KoDa agnst.
anyway, thank you for the comment.

love ya