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Title: Lolita Days [Day Three]
Author: roni-chan
Pairing [s]: RyoDa, slight Akame
Rating: R [just for slight action and just to be on the safe side]
Genre: Romance/Fluff
Summary: What happens when Ueda becomes a female for three days?
Disclaimer: You know the drill....but I'll repeat it. I don't own them or any JE boys at all. I wish I could though *nosebleed* *gets cleaned up and returns* Anyway, yea...I don't own them.
Author's note: again for the new readers, this was requested by the lovely niu_hana
. Well, the final part has come....I need you guys advice, should their be an epilogue or not? It would be greatly appreciated if you read the author's note at the end. again this fic is unbeta'd

Spoiler Note : I decided to put a spoiler because you all have been wonderful readers and everything and I wouldn't have continued if it wasn't for you.  So as a thank you, I'll give you a sneak peek of this chapter before you read it.

Spoiler : Upon getting to the door of his bathroom, Ueda turned around abruptly to the voice barely above a whisper that said "I Love You, Princess"

[Ueda's Outfit:bra, underwear, top, jeans, socks, shoes, and armwarmers]

Day Three: Skinny Jeans, Sickness and Romance
Finally Ueda thought to himself as he walked down the hall to KAT-TUN's dressing room, ignoring the same looks he's been receiving for the last two days. As soon as Ueda steeped in the dressing room, he was pulled aside by his PM telling him that Johnny, asked KAT-TUN to prepare to perform Yorokobi no Uta on Music Station. When the PM left, Ueda called the group over and discussed the situation to them.
After their short group meeting, KAT-TUN immediately got to practicing. As they practiced the dance, Kame was the first to notice that Ueda was swaying slightly and looking very ghost like.
"Ueda-kun...daijoubu?"Kame asked with obvious worry in his vioce, making the rest of KAT-TUN turn around quickly.
"Hai...daijoubu..." was all Ueda could reply before his body connected with the floor.

As the doctor checked Ueda, KAT-TUN sat outside worriedly. Finally, the doctor came out and all of them rushed to him
"Sensei, what's wrong with Ueda? Will he be alright?" Koki asked the question that was on everyone's fine.
"Ueda-kun will be fine. He is just suffering from lack of sleep and over working himself. "the doctor finished and everyone let out a sigh of relief "We do need someone to take him home and take care of him."
" Hai...I'll look for someone" Kame replied.


After calling everyone from MatsuJun to Tackey and back to YamaPi to find out they were all busy , Kame was down to his last hope...Nishikido Ryo. Calling Ryo's number, kame paced up and down the dressing room while stealing glances at Ueda. After two rings, Ryo finally picks up.
"Moshi, Mosh?"
"Ryo!!!"  Kame yelled causing Ryo to pull his phone from his ear.
"I can hear you fine Kame-kun. What is it you want?"
"Sorry. Gomen na, demo....can you take Ueda home?"
"Nande? What happened to Ueda" Ryo asked covering up his worry with his normal coldness.
"Well, basically he fainted and he needs someone to take care of him. And I was wondering if you could do it. And  before you say no, I really need you to do this, so I'm begging you" Kame said with his voice pleading.
"Okay, okay, I'll do it. Stop with the voice."
"Arigato, Nishikido-kun" Kame said before hanging up.
Walking out of his house and grabbing his car keys, Ryo went to go pick up his damsel in distress.


Finally, getting Ueda into his car without waking him up, Ryo followed Kame's directions to get to Ueda's house.  Within 10 minutes Ryo arrived at Ueda's apartment. Getting out and rushing  to the other side of his car, Ryo lifted up the sleeping Ueda bridal style and carried him up the stairs. Getting the keys out of the mailbox, Ryo gently rested Ueda on the King size bed.  Going in the kitchen and making some chicken soup, Ryo remembered a ginger tea his mom used to make for him when he was sick [this idea was created by kyoko_godaikun
...i hope she doesn't get mad at me for sorta stealing her idea]. Getting the ingredients he needed Ryo  mixed the tea and put a drop of lemon juice in it and brought it to Ueda.
"Princess, wake up..." Ryo said.
Opening his eyes Ueda croaked out "Nishikido, what are you doing here?"
Chuckling softly Ryo responded "I'm here to take care of you baka. You really shouldn't over work yourself and you need more sleep, Princess."
"Here drink this, it should help you feel better" Nishikido continued handing Ueda the  ginger tea. Taking it Ueda mumbled a thank you as he drunk it. Taking the cup away from him, Ryo left the room to let Ueda get some sleep. Steeping back in the room, Ryo looked down at the sleeping Ueda. He's actually beautiful when he sleeps Ryo thought chuckling as he brushed a strand of Ueda's hair from his eyes. Feeling his heartbeat increase, Ryo removed his hand abruptly and pulled up a chair next to Ueda's bed.  Within 5 minutes, Ryo too fell asleep.


Waking up to the sun shining in his eyes, Ueda sat up feeling much better. To his surprise, Ueda found himself face to face with a sleeping Nishikido Ryo. He's beautiful when sleeps Ueda says getting up and stretching before making his way to the bathroom. Upon getting to the door of his bathroom Ueda turned around abruptly hearing a voice slightly above a whisper saying "I love you, hime." Smirking slightly, Ueda went into the restroom and took a shower.


Around 5 that afternoon, Ryo woke up and Ueda ushered him out of the house saying he needed a shower and confirming that Ryo was coming back to check on him at later that day at 7.
To thank Ryo, Ueda was cooking Entrecote (or Prime Rib) and Croque-Monsieur (ham and cheese baked sandwich). When he finished cooking he looked at the clock and saw it was 6:30, giving him 30 minutes to get everything finished. Pouring sakura all around the house, Ueda waited patiently for Ryo to arrive. Finally, Ryo arrived and stopped in his tracks when he saw the house. Breaking out of his trance, Ryo turned to Ueda and asked "What's all this for?" Slightly blushing, Ueda replied "It's to thank you for taking care of me" Ushering Ryo to his seat, Ueda went to the kitchen and got out the entrecote and the croque-monsieur and placed them in the middle of the table. Both eating in silence, Ueda finished first and excused himself. Taking another shower, Ueda changed into another outfit. After waiting for 15 minutes, Ryo knocked on Ueda's bedroom door and asked "Are you alright?" Opening the door and stepping out, Ryo again for the second time that day, stared in awe but this time at what Ueda was wearing [this out fit: sexy desu]. Smiling seductively, Ueda strode up to Ryo and kissed him passionately before pulling him into the bedroom. Breaking away, Ryo asked Ueda "Why are you dressed like that?" Chuckling softly, Ueda replied innocently "Do you not like it?" before grinding their hips together. Seeing that Ryo was trying to hold back, Ueda palmed the front of Ryo jeans, causing him to moan out loud, before being pushed down onto the bed.


** haha...i know you so hate me right now. i promise if i get enough comments i will make a part filled with smut to make up for this**


Afterwards, Ueda and Ryo cuddled together with a blanket wrapped around them. Taking in the comfortable silence, Ueda said, "Ryo.....aishiteru" before looking down and hiding his blush. Smiling softly, Ryo lifted Ueda's face and looked in his eyes before reply "Boku mo aishiteru, Ueda-kun" Smiling, Ueda feel asleep.  I love you more than you know Ueda Tatsuya Ryo thought before he too fell asleep.

author's note: *bows deeply* arigato gozimasu minna-san for saying with me until the end. for those of you who haven't read this story completely i feel sorry for you. thank you hana-chan for requesting this fic. thank you to those who read it. thank you coffee and cheese stix and also thank you DBSK for keeping me up to finish this.

i want to apologize for the lateness of this part but i was soo busy i totally forgot about until i was going through my note book and reading over this. i hope you all enjoyed this fic and i hope you continue reading my fics. and i still want to know if there should be an epilogue or if you a smut filled story [i can't say it will be awesome but i can try for you all].


p.s. : i am reposting Tainted Memories, for those of who don't know. Tainted Memories was my first fanfiction ever. also reinai

this is ronique signing out!!
Tags: lolita days, ryoda [part three]
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