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Lolita Days [Day Two]
: roni_chan
pairing: Ryoda, extremely slight Akame
genre: Romance
rating:R [mentions and other things]
summary: What happens when Ueda bet Jin that he could dress as a girl for 3 days?  Will Ueda gain love in the process?
disclaimer: No, not Johnny-sama. I don't own them...I wish I could. * daydreams which
                            results in a nosebleed*

author's note: this fic was requested by niu_hana.I know I was supposed to post them in day intervals but I changed my mind because I'll be busy all day tomorrow and Tuesday. So to those who wanted more, here it is. Enjoy!!!

Day Two: Dress/Ryo's Jealously
[Ueda's oufit this time: bra/underwear, dress, socks, shoes]

As day two begins and Ueda continues to get hit on, one person watches and sits back as his anger boils up
. Why am I so affected by his flirting? Ryo thought Could it be I'm falling for him? Chuckling lightly Ryo pushed that thought off to the back of his mind. As he walked down the hallway and passed Ueda, he couldn't help but stare at Ueda and drool.  Giving him a final once over, Ryo thought to himself I will seduce Ueda Tatsuya. Walking away, Ryo thought how he would do that.

Finally, being able to drink something after that long enduring practice, Ueda bent down over the water fountain to take a sip. Feeling slightly better Ueda drinks some more before being stopped by a familiar  voice  "Princess, hurry up....You are taking too long." Turning around Ueda came face to face with Nishikido. Feeling his heartbeat increase Ueda steeped aside and replied "Don't worry, I'm done now you can use it." As Ueda looked at Ryo drink, he thought to himself I will seduce Nishikido Ryo. As the went their separate ways, they both thought with a look of determination in their eyes You will be mine.

Author's note: I know its short... but the next part took 2 1/2 pages of my notebook so it will pretty long. Also expect a epilogue because if I ended it at part three there would be a lot of holes and I wanna fill all the holes. Thank you so much for reading.

This will also be posted in the Jent Fanfics community.

Tags: lolita days, ryoda [part two]
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