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Lolita Days [Prologue/ Day One]
: roni-chan
pairing: Ryoda, extremely slight Akame
genre: Romance
rating:R [mentions and other things]
summary: What happens when Ueda bet Jin that he could dress as a girl for 3 days?  Will Ueda gain love in the process?
disclaimer: No, not Johnny-sama. I don't own them...I wish I could. * daydreams which
                            results in a nosebleed*
author's note: this fic was requested by
niu_hana  anyone else who requested a fic don't worry I didn't for get about you. I'm just doing this one first because I already had the thought in my head and it will be posted in three day intervals.... oh yeah, this is not a betaed fic. so excuse the grammar mistakes.

Lolita Days

*flash back*
"Bakanishi, I do have guts, you can dare to do anything and I bet you, I'll do pretty damn good at it too."Ueda says irritated as he and Jin have the same fight for the 100th time.
" Really now?" Akanishi replied smugly
 "That's right, baka. Anytime, Anything, Anyplace." Ueda finishes just as Jin begins to snicker as Kame whispers something into his ear.
"Well, we're gonna have to put that to the test Tat-chan."
"Bring it on then." Ueda says getting annoyed
" need to get testy. I just dare you dress as a girl for days. This includes underwear and make-up too."
"Well, what do you say Tat-chan? Will you do it or are you a ball less guy?" Jin asked teasingly.
"You are on Bakanishi! And when I win you will whatever I say for a month and if I lose  I will dress as a girl  for the next three months. Deal?" Ueda asks
"Deal." Jin replies as he shakes Ueda's hand.
* end flashback*

Day One- Mini Skirt

[Ueda's outfit: bra/underwear, shirtskirt, shoes]

As Ueda drove to the Jimusho he couldn't help but wonder what everyone would think when he put on his outfit. Lost in his thoughts, he didn't realize he was at the Jimusho until he pulled his car into the parking spot. When he arrived, he immediately ran into the bathroom and changed into the outfit. Taking a deep breath, he steeped out of the bathroom and walked down the hall to KAT-TUN's dressing room...until he was stopped by someone yelling "Ueda!!!" Turning around he saw MatsuJun and the rest of Arashi coming up to him. "Hai?" Ueda asked nervously "We just wanted to say that you look really good as a girl." MatsuJun said "Especially, your legs," Aiba said cheerily as the other nodded in agreement. Ueda didn't know whether to get mad at that statement or take it as a compliment. Continuing his walk down the hall, Ueda finally arrived at the dressing opening the door he steeped in. "Ohayo gozimasu," he said cheerily. In return he got stares and jaw dropping looks. "Ueda...." Jin said breaking the silence "you look amazing...I never thought you would look this good." "Especially the legs," Koki said as Nakamaru agreed. Junno and Kame just sat there and stared for a couple more minutes before saying "SUGOI!!!" As the day progressed Ueda got countless compliments on his girly figure from everyone, except one person....Nishikido Ryo.
Tags: lolita days, ryoda [part one]
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